Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Endings. Beginnings. or somewhere in the middle-ings

Today I pack up the last of my office. After 3 decades Rick and I are retiring from the best career anyone could hope for. Our last official day is October 28th. We leave with great excitement touched with sorrow. I'll miss being a part of this team. 

When we did the Race Across America our team leader said "this isn't about riding a bike across the nation, it's about solving problems". Cars and bikes broke down, drivers quit, each day had new challenges to overcome and all the while pedaling bikes 24/7 from coast to coast. Business is like that. Equipment failures, fire, flood, epidemic, power outages, we've had it all. Our team stood strong with us, many of them for decades. Some of my fondest memories are pulling all nighters to make fire lunches or build gondolas when we found all new shelving at a discount. Sand bagging and pumping water out of the lot are less fond but our people showed up when we needed them and worked shoulder to shoulder. They built Susanville Super just as much as we did. We have been together through the good and the sad, new babies, marriages, losses. I wouldn't have missed a moment. Thank you all. 

Our customers, you have no idea how sometimes a visit with you turned my day around. We have had the privilege of seeing local children grow and start their own families. We have mourned together. You taught me about community, history, cooking tips, gardening, so much information shared in these aisles. You stuck with us as we tried new things on our journey to be the Susanville Supermarket we are today. 

We leave you in good hands. Jessica Miller has been with us for 12 years, she started as a bagger and worked her way up. Jess will take over for us this week and begin purchasing Susanville Supermarket. Todd Eid has been our right hand for over 20 years, no one is better to guide her along, plus he's Jessica's dad. I know you will offer them your help and support just as you always have us. 

Rick and I won't be far. Lassen County is our home. I can't believe how lucky I am to retire with and spend the rest of my days with my very best friend. 

We thank you all from the bottom of our hearts and we wish you all the best.

God Bless. 

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