Friday, April 27, 2018

Team Uni-Crohns

Thanksgiving of 2014 was terrifying. Our youngest granddaughter, Nikki, was exhausted and seemed like she had a bad virus, by Christmas she could barely get off the couch. Food was scary for her, it caused so much pain in her belly. She was taken to doctors and on occasion emergency rooms. As we watched her condition deteriorate and doctors ran test after test all we could do was hope. Hope it would just pass or that help was right around the corner. Truly terrifying. Especially for our kids.

Come January, I could not believe how thin and weak this usually vivacious, active, athletic 8 (yes, only 8) year old had become. You could see all her little ribs. Nik now had a Gastroenterologist, Dr Peterson, and he scheduled a colonoscopy and endoscopy. After the tests he showed all of us how her large intestine was riddled with ulcers. She was diagnosed with Crohns disease. I didn’t even understand what that was at the time but it was clear our daughter, Cyndi, did.

Dr Peterson placed Nikki in the hospital that day. Our family made sure someone was in the room with her 24/7, usually right in the bed with her snuggling. Recovery has been a long road. Nik says it was about 6 months before she started feeling good again. Every 6 weeks she checks into the hospital for several hours to get an infusion. Thankfully it works. But what we really need is a cure.

I believe a cure is on the horizon and thanks to all our LoCaL Hometown Heroes for the support you always give us as we fight! Our Team Uni-Crohns will once walk to raise funds and awareness for digestive diseases led by our hero Nik! You have raised over $700 at this writing!! Thank you!!!! xoxox

We hope you will all continue to fight with us!

Here is our Team Uni-Crohns link if you'd like to join, share or donate!

Sunday, April 15, 2018


Winner, winner Chicken Dinner! Or whatever Mike Trumbull wants to buy with his prize of free groceries for 10 weeks! His wife took the call and told Jessica “bless your heart” through some happy tears!
Ken Benner couldn’t believe he won the Webber Grill!
Scott and Toni Merrill are ready for some outdoor fun with their new Yeti!
Heath Chaffin took home the colorful and cool Monster helmet!
Connie Thompson will be high desert surfing on her new iPad!
PLUS SO MANY grocery give aways; bread, milk, eggs, Halo oranges and ice cream!! However, you know who the biggest winner was? Us of course! The support we received from our community, including our customers, friends, family, vendors, suppliers, Lassen County Times, the Chamber and all the local dignitaries made this Grand Opening the best ever! Thank you all so much.
Special Susanville Super thanks to all that sponsored this event~

C&S Wholesale
Foster Farms Dairy
Flowers Bakery
Bimbo Bakery
NuCal Eggs
General Produce
Frozen Gourmet

Your prizes created such energy and excitement!

Hometown Proud thanks to all for our Susanville SUPERmarket Grand Opening!!

Monday, April 9, 2018

Hometown Heritage!


It’s a small world. I wanted to share some pictures of the gorgeous stained glass inside the Susanville United Methodist Church so I started talking to Katy Dockery, Administrative Assistant at the church for 30 years. She is entertaining and knowledgable on many subjects. Turns out Katy came here from Thorn Bay, Alaska. I happen to know Ronnie Chandler owner of Critter Keepers came from Alaska 49 years ago, maybe they know each other. I know it’s a big state but maybe. Right? Katy didn’t know Ronnie but she did know that the man who officiated her marriage in Alaska was one of Ronnie’s relatives! I called Ronnie to ask if she minded my printing that. Ronnie is always so open, she loved the idea AND told me her Granddad had built the framing on the pipe organ in the SUMC almost 40 years ago. Small town. Small world.

Back to the church. The current Susanville United Methodist Church celebrated their 100th anniversary January 1917! This was the 3rd church on this site having lost the first two to fires. The stained glass is indeed spectacular. Each window is a memorial. The church is currently connecting all the old organ pipes to a new organ. SUMC is a beautiful piece of our history!

Hometown Heritage!


Mrs. E.B. Couso

Sometimes things just work out perfectly.

Recently, like the last couple of years, Marshel Couso was looking for a community event to sponsor. Marshel and husband Jeremy ARE the “home of all things Susanville”. You see them at every community event but you might not recognize either one without a camera :) Jeremy’s family moved here when he was 1 and Marshel is as Hometown as it gets, since she’s 4th generation of now 6 generation LoCaL family! When the Couso’s found out our Easter egg hunt needed someone to HOP up and take over. Well. She couldn’t resist. Marshel has been taking her children, and now grandchildren, to this event for 28 years. It is very dear to her heart.

Match made in heaven.

So now her living room has 7000 eggs in it and 7200 pieces of candy, she’s hopping around in a bunny suit and our community couldn’t be luckier to have the Easter hunt in the Couso’s caring and capable hands. Just as Marshel expected the local organizations and businesses have rallied round to help. Soroptimists are sponsoring the prize basket that’s awarded for finding the golden egg in each age category. There is a HUGE egg stuffing party at the Couso home on March 28, so far FFA, Police Explorers, Miss Lassen County and her Court and the High School Cadets are helping stuff eggs BUT they could sure use more volunteers! Volunteers can be any age and help is needed all the way through the event. Just give Marshel a call at 249-3972

Thank you to Marshel and Jeremy for always making us Hometown Proud!

Monday, April 2, 2018

E. Clampus Vitus

From our local historian Tim Purdy~
"On August 4, 1984 some 500 members of the fraternal organization known as E Clampus Vitus descended upon Susanville. The occasion was the chartering of the Neversweat Chapter #1863 of the E Clampus Vitus and the dedication of the Pioneer, the oldest establishment in Northeastern California. The organization has been around since days of the California gold rush, and was a spoof on the more refined fraternal organizations of the day. In the 1930s it went through a revival and focused on marking historical sites and having a good time while doing so. The Neversweat Chapter was not the first for Susanville, as a lodge existed in 1868. In the early 1880s there were several lodges in Modoc County.”


ECV calls themselves a Historical Drinking Society or a Drinking Historical Society. They are certainly known for having a good time. Once Rick saw a man with shaving cream on his face, wearing women’s underwear, doing the breaststroke on the sidewalk! He was told this was a ‘Clamper’ initiation. Fun!

I so appreciate the markers they are responsible for all up and down our beautiful state. Wherever I see one I want to stop and read the history of that spot on the highway or structure. Lassen County Courthouse, Pioneer Saloon, Grand Cafe, Viewland on 395, the Chimney in Goodrich Valley just to name a few close to home. History preserved, what a huge service to our community!

Thank you E Clampus Vitus and historian Tim Purdy, who just happens to be a member!

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