Monday, February 26, 2018

Cross Country Ski

One time Alli Burt told me she was going out to Hog Flat or McCoy, I can’t remember which, to cross country ski under a full moon. Doesn’t that just sound like the coolest thing ever! Plus going out to play in the snow helps kick those winter blues. Whether it is on skis, snowshoes, bikes (REALLY!), horseback or just my boots, this brings out the kid in me.

If you wanna know about LoCaL outdoor recreation the man to talk to is Outdoor Recreation Planner for BLM, Stan Bales, it’s right there in his title! Stan is always creating new opportunities for us in our great outdoors. He said there are some things we can do to help ensure everyone gets to enjoy our trails in the winter.

Lassen National Forest grooms a nordic track on the Bizz. I didn’t know this! Wow. You can check with them to see when the tracks will be set. Trail courtesy is so important~

  • Skiing on a set track is very easy (Well, that’s what Stan said :)
  • Skiers please set trails off to the side so there’s plenty of room for others.
  • Non skiers please stay off set tracks, once a track is set it can last a long time with care! 
  • Control your animals, scoop poop off the trail. Same as always hopefully.
  • Avoid tearing up the trails when they are muddy. They will be so much more fun when snow packed.

We are fortunate to have our trails and people like Stan to look out for them. Let’s be sure and practice courtesy and share the trail for everyone to enjoy. Thanks for all you do Stan!

Now about that moonlight cross country skiing, doesn’t that just sound like the perfect winter activity! Even if there isn't a full moon but darkness can be fun too!

Photos courtesy of Stan Bales and Alli Burt.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018


You think you have all the time in the world. You think some people will always be there...or maybe you just can’t imagine not having their presence. Zellamae Miles was one of those people for me. She was greatly respected and loved by all that came in contact with her and not just because she was Granddaughter of Susan Roop Arnold, Great Granddaughter of Isaac Roop.

I read in Readers Digest once “an elder dying is like a library burning down.” When my Mother died I felt as if my personal library burned down. When Zellamae passed I felt as if our community library lost a wing.

Seeing Zellamae was always a bright spot in my day. Her friendly smile, earnest way of speaking and knowledge of our community past and present drew us in. In a recent Facebook post Linda Korver said it better than I ever could “She is the real Susan in Susanville, our community had a foundation and every block was lovingly placed and cemented by Zellamae Arnold Miles”.

Our deepest sympathy to Zellamae’s family. A community grieves with you.

I don’t know all the details but understand there will be a service on March 24th.

Sunday, February 4, 2018

SpRiNg Onions

Big thanks to John for bringing in Spring Onions!

I’ve wanted to try these grilled for a long time but discover the last wind storm had busted my Weber grill. My CAST iron Weber. We get wind here. So at the last minute I decided to cook them on the cast iron griddle. They were AmaZing! Sweet with just a little heat. Plus they contain vitamin A, C and K. It’s a short season so hurry before they’re gone!

Wash, cut off roots and split lengthwise. Heat griddle or grill to medium, brush with olive oil. Salt lightly, grill face down until lightly browned. Turn and repeat.
The Green Grocerette~

Friday, February 2, 2018

Great People! Great Food!

Some dishes are timeless and we have been fortunate to have fabulous friends share fabulous recipes with us over the years. Some classic, some healthful and a couple for those days when it just feels so good to be bad. Hope and I decided to revive the original recipes. The very first day one of our customers was delighted to have Gail Miller’s Coleslaw back in the case! When she referred to it as one of our ‘signature salads” Hope and I knew that term would stick.
Here’s a little heritage on our Signature Salads~


Gail Miller retired from our store some years ago but now her Coleslaw recipe is back! Shredded cabbage, pineapple and her blend of sweet and savory dressing! She was such a fast worker that when Jaime Guzman managed our Deli he called her ’Smoke’!
Every time we would have a employee potluck Nancy Madigan would bring Chicken Ramen Salad, maybe because I ALWAYS requested it :). One of my personal favorites, but so was Nancy. This woman was loved by all that knew her and will be forever missed. Her salad is crunchy, salty, just enough sweetness to balance it all. Just like a lot of my favorite people
Our Seafood Salad was created in the Meat Department and the Deli stole it fair and square. Seafood, dill, a touch of lemon to bring out the freshness and when only the best will do, we only make it with Best Foods Mayo.
Stephanie Riegert worked in our Deli for many years and came up with a wonderful Chicken Caesar that is just as delish hot as it is cold. Pasta, fresh spinach, rotisserie chicken and parm make up this classic.
Caterer Debbie Lucero gave me her recipes for Broccoli Salad and Rice a Roni Salad. Fresh chopped broccoli, cranberries, onion, and sunflower seeds, make her Broccoli Salad crisp and AMAzing! When I found out Debbie knew the recipe for the Rice a Roni Salad I was thrown back to the days of Nancy Madigan and I going to Jeffery Esparza’s uptown coffee shop, we would order it with a piece of her quiche. The rice combined with green olives and artichokes make a rich and satisfying dish.
Of course no Deli would be complete without Spinach Dip. Made here practically every day, since before I got here almost 25 years ago!

Thank you all for the memories, the friendship and for sharing your recipes that bring it all back to me with every taste!
Give our Signature Salads a try, we hope they can be a part of your special memories!

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