Monday, February 26, 2018

Cross Country Ski

One time Alli Burt told me she was going out to Hog Flat or McCoy, I can’t remember which, to cross country ski under a full moon. Doesn’t that just sound like the coolest thing ever! Plus going out to play in the snow helps kick those winter blues. Whether it is on skis, snowshoes, bikes (REALLY!), horseback or just my boots, this brings out the kid in me.

If you wanna know about LoCaL outdoor recreation the man to talk to is Outdoor Recreation Planner for BLM, Stan Bales, it’s right there in his title! Stan is always creating new opportunities for us in our great outdoors. He said there are some things we can do to help ensure everyone gets to enjoy our trails in the winter.

Lassen National Forest grooms a nordic track on the Bizz. I didn’t know this! Wow. You can check with them to see when the tracks will be set. Trail courtesy is so important~

  • Skiing on a set track is very easy (Well, that’s what Stan said :)
  • Skiers please set trails off to the side so there’s plenty of room for others.
  • Non skiers please stay off set tracks, once a track is set it can last a long time with care! 
  • Control your animals, scoop poop off the trail. Same as always hopefully.
  • Avoid tearing up the trails when they are muddy. They will be so much more fun when snow packed.

We are fortunate to have our trails and people like Stan to look out for them. Let’s be sure and practice courtesy and share the trail for everyone to enjoy. Thanks for all you do Stan!

Now about that moonlight cross country skiing, doesn’t that just sound like the perfect winter activity! Even if there isn't a full moon but darkness can be fun too!

Photos courtesy of Stan Bales and Alli Burt.

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