Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Lassen County RoCkS

We live in an area where 4 distinct geological features converge; the Cascade range, the Sierra/Diamond range, volcanoes and desert. This creates a perfect storm for Rockhounds. Susanville Rockhound founder Rollie Emerson tells me. He also says as a Rockhound if he could live anywhere in the world he would choose here. Wow. That’s pretty cool.

I don’t know anything about rocks but found some really pretty rose quartz and a few little crystals, I brought them to work to show Toni Iba (in our Bakery) then I began to find out what we have right here! She brought in a few of her finds from our area:

  • Petrified wood found near Roxie Peconom
  • Black Tourmaline, Thompson Peak
  • Rose Quartz, Murdock Crossing
  • Amethyst, Red Rock/Hallelujah Junction area

Her finds are all so beautiful and what a fun thing to do! Growing up near the Geysers in Santa Rosa she fell in love with rockhounding and that continues today. Toni told me all of her really cool finds (like that gem quality amethyst pictured) she was with Rollie and he told her where to look. Some people just have a talent for it. Rollie said finding what YOU like is all that matters and Toni said “Even a diamond is just a rock until someone recognizes it’s beauty and polishes it up”

Check out and join the Susanville Rockhounds Facebook page to see some absolutely incredible LoCaL finds!

Thanks for showing me one more reason to be Hometown Proud!

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