Monday, October 8, 2018

Sherry Perry has left the building.. .

Sherry Perry has retired. I can’t even believe it. That woman has been an institution in Susanville, serving our community for over 38 years between Walker’s Cafe and Susanville Market. She and her husband Wayne moved here from Pacifica feeling this was a better place to raise their 3 sons. They all grew up to be wonderful successful men so Sherry says she made the right decision.

When we moved here in ‘93 we’d frequently go to Walker’s for breakfast, that’s where I first met Sherry. Always sassy and entertaining, Sherry and coworker (and close friend), Lisa Boyear, would tease each other saying things like “I’m the hostess, she’s the Twinkie.” Super fun place with those two. If you were a regular Sherry knew your order and would put it in before you got out of your car. Sherry was at Walker’s for 25 years. 
What a huge amount of camaraderie, friendship and humor Sherry brought to our workplace. We’re gonna miss her but I know she’ll be in to visit and it’s time for her to just put her feet up! We feel so fortunate that Sherry chose to spend the last 13 years of her career here at Susanville Super.

Thank you Sherry Perry for all your years of sharing yourself with our community!

*pssst~ I hear the long table is back at the new Walker :)

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