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Chief Jones

After I talk to someone I’m writing a page 4 on I always ask if I can steal photos from their social media pages, most say sure. When I asked Chief of Police Kevin Jones he grabbed his phone and said he had a picture he wanted me to use, it’s a painting of his kids. That sums up the Chief to me. It’s not about him, it’s about his family, his team at the Police Department and all of the other leaders he works with. You can see the complete camaraderie between Chief Jones, Fire Chief James Moore and Sheriff Dean Growdon. As a matter of fact Chief Jones worked at the Sheriff’s Department under Sheriff Growdon for 10 years, strong bonds.

I feel like I’m telling this whole story backwards but sometimes that’s where the magic happens. The last thing I ask is what we can do to help. Chief Jones said he believes the people in Susanville possess a ‘situational awareness’, when we’re driving we can’t just drive we have to always be on the lookout for deer or who knows what else. He wants us to…

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