Tuesday, January 30, 2018

3 Years of Page 4 Articles!

Can you believe they have let me do this for 3 years now?!?! 

I have the best job in the world, filling this ad space with GOOD. Good people, good food, good health and good happenings. I know I get a little too wordy sometimes (most of the time),but this week I just want to share a few pictures from past articles and THANK all of you that have shared so openly your pictures and stories. You make me aware of how lucky we are to live in Lassen County~
The Hometown Proud is real!

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Lassen Masonic Lodge Exposé

Before the BIG reveal, here's a few fun facts about the Masonic Lodge taken from the Masonic Service Association of North America. 

Colonial America notable members, George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Paul Revere and John Hancock just to name a few.

Today Masonic Fraternity gives about $1.5 million each day to causes ranging from children’s hospitals, providing treatment for childhood language disorder, treating eye diseases, funding medical research and more. 

No one knows exactly when the Masonic Fraternity was formed but some believe it dates back to the middle ages! 

Maybe you’ve heard all the ‘secret society’ stuff? Well I am prepared to give away one of their closely held secrets… On the third Saturday of every month….whether the moon is full or not… they participate in a ritual. What is it you ask? If you go to the Lodge on Lassen right across from the Post Office between 8am and 11am and give Ernie your $5 you will be privy to BREAKFAST. Not just any breakfast, delicious sausage, gravy, pancakes, eggs, biscuits, orange juice, coffee! NOM NOM NOM. Cooked by the Masons, served by Job’s Daughters (Masonic youth organization)and enjoyed by everyone! I highly recommend your participation. You gotta try the pancakes!

Thank you to our Lassen Janesville Masonic Lodge for all you do!

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Our Voice in the Industry!

I’d like to congratulate Rick Stewart! He was elected to join the California Grocers Association Board of Directors! Here’s a little bit about CGA from their website: 

"Since 1898, the California Grocers Association has been the voice of the California food industry. CGA is a non-profit, statewide trade association representing over 300 retail members operating more than 6,000 food stores in California and Nevada, and approximately 150 grocery supplier companies. Retail membership includes chain and independent supermarkets, convenience stores and mass merchandisers. The Association is recognized as the industry leader in the areas of government and industry relations, public relations, education and communications.” 

 Rick has been attending the Grocers Day at the Capitol for a few years now, tackling issues that effect all of us such as prop 47 (early release), recycling and anything else currently on the state agenda. He brings a fresh rural perspective to their lobbying efforts and we couldn’t be more Hometown Proud of him (I happen to be his biggest fan)!

At the last CGA Board Meeting spouses were invited to participate in a cooking event at Silverado Cooking School! What a blast! I had an opportunity to cook (you KNOW how much I love that) with people from our industry (I love the grocery business) and hear their stories. AND the food. Holy Moly it was amazing. I was on the team making Chicken Paillards, aka known as cutlets :) with Parmesan, Greens and Capers. So DeLISH. Unfortunately I don’t have room here to put all the recipes BUT I will post them all on the Green Grocerette blog! You gotta try the Buttermilk Ice Cream recipe… and the Quince Tart… and the…. you get the idea.


Huge Hometown thanks to my best friend, husband and business partner for taking on this commitment to be our voice in the industry!

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Lassen County Dispatch

I have needed to call 911 exactly ONE time in my life. One day at the market we had a very belligerent man making threats to our clerks. I asked him to leave but he continued to be very aggressive. He was still yelling and threatening us as the phone was answered. Imagine my relief when the person answering the call was Cliff Bannister, a LoCaL I had known for years. He knew where my store was and could easily picture the scene since he's a regular customer. The man left and I told Cliff I thought it was alright now but he sent a unit to be sure.

Our dispatchers are LoCaLs just like you and me, that live here and want our community to be the best it can be. Locals that have what it takes to perform this stressful job. They are intelligent and have the ability to remain calm while working through an emergency situation.

I asked dispatcher Michelle Wolf if I could come in and see where they work. The command center each dispatcher works on looks intimidating. So much to watch, know and understand while responding to each emergency but that isn’t all, as dispatcher Margie Campbell pointed out their duty is also to make sure every officer gets home to their families safely. Michelle says they need to learn the officers voices and know when a situation is heightened.

How can we help these Hometown Heroes ~
Cliff and Michelle emphasized the MOST important information when calling is LOCATION. If there is no physical address to give, look for landmarks, some way for emergency services to find you.

911 is for physically threatening/life threatening situations. Each 911 call is treated as a life threatening emergency and must be triaged. For non emergency please call the department needed directly.
Susanville Police Department 257-2171
Lassen County Sheriff 257-6121
Susanville Fire Department 257-5152
California Highway Patrol (local) 252-1900

To all the Hometown Heroes at Lassen County Dispatch~ Thank you for all you do!

Photo credits- Thank you Jeremy Couso of Susanvillestuff.com for the photo of Cliff Bannister. Thank you Lassen County Sheriff Facebook page for the K-9 photo.

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