Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Lassen Masonic Lodge Exposé

Before the BIG reveal, here's a few fun facts about the Masonic Lodge taken from the Masonic Service Association of North America. 

Colonial America notable members, George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Paul Revere and John Hancock just to name a few.

Today Masonic Fraternity gives about $1.5 million each day to causes ranging from children’s hospitals, providing treatment for childhood language disorder, treating eye diseases, funding medical research and more. 

No one knows exactly when the Masonic Fraternity was formed but some believe it dates back to the middle ages! 

Maybe you’ve heard all the ‘secret society’ stuff? Well I am prepared to give away one of their closely held secrets… On the third Saturday of every month….whether the moon is full or not… they participate in a ritual. What is it you ask? If you go to the Lodge on Lassen right across from the Post Office between 8am and 11am and give Ernie your $5 you will be privy to BREAKFAST. Not just any breakfast, delicious sausage, gravy, pancakes, eggs, biscuits, orange juice, coffee! NOM NOM NOM. Cooked by the Masons, served by Job’s Daughters (Masonic youth organization)and enjoyed by everyone! I highly recommend your participation. You gotta try the pancakes!

Thank you to our Lassen Janesville Masonic Lodge for all you do!

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