Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Fly Geyser

The first time I saw a picture of Fly Geyser in the Black Rock Desert I was absolutely spellbound. I couldn’t believe it was real. That was about 20 years ago. Since then I have spoke to many people that were lucky enough to see it before the owners of Fly Ranch fenced it off. There are stories of asking ‘some guy in some bar in Gerlach, he might get you in', Rick and I even considered doing that but when I read that Burning Man had purchased the property I thought the dream was dead. NOT true! Burning Man is allowing Friends of Black Rock High Rock to give tours in small groups of 18-20! We bought (donation) tickets just as fast as my little fingers could fly! Get it… FLY.

On the day of our tour Rick and I decided to take the back way through Wendel. It’s almost all (well maintained) gravel road but WATCH OUT FOR TRAINS! You’ll cross tracks a couple of times with no gates or lights, these trains are flat hauling and there have been accidents. Wendel road takes less than 2 hours to get to Gerlach, GPS said the highway would take close to 3 1/2. Plus it was GORgeous! Wild burro, antelope and those skies…unbelievable.

Once we arrived we were given some history of Fly Ranch/Geyser, Burning Man and FBRHR and what their hopes for the future are. Then off to the ranch. At the fence line you could see the geyser in the distance. It brought tears to my eyes, I had waited 20 years. The day was rainy and cloudy but it was still perfect to me. On the walking tour FBRHR ask that you not bring cameras or phones, just be present in the moment, don’t worry they’ll give you plenty of time at the end. Hot springs fill huge ponds everywhere, smaller geysers and tufa dot the landscape and when you get the main attraction you can get as close as you like! There is even a platform! Rick took fabulous shots and I’m happy to report all the colors are real. Now I’ve just gotta see it on a clear day too!

I’ve already bought more tickets for June in hopes of blue skies. I highly recommend this, the longer I live here the more I love the high desert! Here is the website if you’re interested in the tour

Thursday, June 14, 2018

LoCaL Dads~

A few weeks ago a bunch of local Dads let their daughters shine at the Ties and Tiaras Father Daughter dance put on by our Susanville Police Explorers. Isn’t that just like dads? Always willing to sit back and let the rest of the family take the spotlight.

Susanville Police Officer Terra Avilla moved here from Reno 5 years ago. She noticed we didn’t have any such event and thought it would be a great fundraiser for the Explorers. Since it was the first year they chose a small venue, the Senior Center, hoping to sell 50 tickets. And they did. In the first day!

Terra said she pictured the little girls dancing in the middle of the room and the dads on the sidelines. But these dads showed up, dressed up, bought corsages, hula hooped, danced and most even took their little dates to dinner first.

The Explorers are a great bunch of kids learning all about law enforcement and our local dads set a strong example at this event. They plan on holding a Mother Son dance in the Fall and Father Daughter will definitely be back in the Spring! I urge you to go view the videos on the Explorers Facebook page, guaranteed to bring a smile to your face!


Some of the pictures are a little blurry but the joy expressed is crystal clear. Happy Father’s Day!

Photos taken from Susanville Police Explorers Post Facebook page and Jackie Johnston photography.

Thursday, June 7, 2018


I wouldn’t touch a controversial subject with a 10 foot pole, much like I wouldn’t want to dig through everyone’s trash. Pole or no pole. This is exactly what the good folks at C&S Waste have been forced to do. Recently the rules on recycle have changed and the stickers on our blue bins are no longer correct. C&S has somewhere around 6000 bins to re-sticker. Can you imagine? BUT you can easily take a look at their website or Facebook page to see all the new info! Plus on Facebook they have videos and quizzes to help you stay in compliance.

One change is that only type 1 and 2 plastic containers are eligible. I took a look at some items here at the market to see if we were helping you stay ‘green’. I am very happy to report that all of our new Fresh Cut items in Produce are in recyclable containers. Then I moved to Deli/Bakery, turns out a whole lot of our packaging is a 1 or 2! YAY! So when you’re done having your SuPeR healthy snack (or gotta have treat) just rinse it out and toss it in the blue bin. BAM. You are helping.

Now about the crew at C&S. One day I didn’t get my trash to the curb, I spotted the truck on a side road and hoped maybe they hadn’t done my street. Evidently they saw me running down the drive with both cans behind and came back down my road just to do my pick up. Nice customer service. And don’t get me started about the dump. it’s maybe weird but I love going to the dump. There is something cathartic about dumping my green waste or large items. Everything has a specific place. As everything should :). Plus the scale is always run by friendly people we know.

Kristin Volberg commented about recycling "it’s our job to care for our planet.” A job we can all be proud of. 

Here is something you can do that will absolutely help out our local crew and keep our landfill right here at home smaller!

Thank you C&S Waste for helping to keep us all green!

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