Thursday, June 7, 2018


I wouldn’t touch a controversial subject with a 10 foot pole, much like I wouldn’t want to dig through everyone’s trash. Pole or no pole. This is exactly what the good folks at C&S Waste have been forced to do. Recently the rules on recycle have changed and the stickers on our blue bins are no longer correct. C&S has somewhere around 6000 bins to re-sticker. Can you imagine? BUT you can easily take a look at their website or Facebook page to see all the new info! Plus on Facebook they have videos and quizzes to help you stay in compliance.

One change is that only type 1 and 2 plastic containers are eligible. I took a look at some items here at the market to see if we were helping you stay ‘green’. I am very happy to report that all of our new Fresh Cut items in Produce are in recyclable containers. Then I moved to Deli/Bakery, turns out a whole lot of our packaging is a 1 or 2! YAY! So when you’re done having your SuPeR healthy snack (or gotta have treat) just rinse it out and toss it in the blue bin. BAM. You are helping.

Now about the crew at C&S. One day I didn’t get my trash to the curb, I spotted the truck on a side road and hoped maybe they hadn’t done my street. Evidently they saw me running down the drive with both cans behind and came back down my road just to do my pick up. Nice customer service. And don’t get me started about the dump. it’s maybe weird but I love going to the dump. There is something cathartic about dumping my green waste or large items. Everything has a specific place. As everything should :). Plus the scale is always run by friendly people we know.

Kristin Volberg commented about recycling "it’s our job to care for our planet.” A job we can all be proud of. 

Here is something you can do that will absolutely help out our local crew and keep our landfill right here at home smaller!

Thank you C&S Waste for helping to keep us all green!

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