Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Fire and Flour

Local innovations. I know we're teeming with it but I gotta give a shout out to one family that has really excelled. I first learned about the Traphagans when I saw a photo of Jimmy Uruburu used in an ad for the Agri-Hydrant, an incredible fire fighting tool that taps a hydrant into existing ag irrigation, invented by Thomas Traphagan during the chaos of a massive fire on the Madeline Plains.

Wow. Right? Now the Traphagans converted their Ravendale farmland to grow organic wheat AND put in a mill. That's right they are milling homegrown wheat right here in Lassen County. Available varieties of  Mile High Mills Organics are, Whole Wheat, All Purpose and Bread Flour. Andrea Traphagan tells me she has enjoyed baking with other locals to test the new products. I can't wait to try it myself!

Both stories are a great read and you gotta check out the photography on their web pages, also done by Andrea;

To learn more about the Agri-Hydrant go to https://www.agrihydrant.com/our-story/

All about Mile High Mills https://www.milehighmill.com/about-us/

We are so Hometown Proud and to carry a full line of Mile High Mills organics! Thank you Traphagans, for all you do.

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