Friday, October 26, 2018

Pumpkin Patch Time!

Ahh. Fall. There is nothing like it and Lassen County is exceptional when it comes to Fall. The colors! The smells! AND, of course, Wemple’s Pumpkin Patch! It’s not just for the kids you know, not at all. As a matter of fact I find the corn maze so difficult I swear I won’t do it this time but there I am, hopelessly lost again, laughing and having the best time. There’s a hay bale maze that may be more my speed, don’t tell anyone but I had to sneak out of the corn maze once. Fred and Dena Wemple make sure there is plenty of delicious food too, burgers on the grill, apples and caramel, marshmallows dipped in caramel, nachos, hot chocolate… Rick and I go out after work one day for dinner then we also go back with our kids and grandkids. This year I’ll probably make 3 trips because I just found out Hope has never been there, sounds like it’s time for a Susanville Market girls dinner night :). PLUS don’t miss the gift shop, lots of local crafts and goodies!

Thanks to the Wemples for one of my favorite Hometown LoCaL traditions!

Jennifer Cesarin sent me a photo, their 17th annual group photo at the Pumpkin Patch!

LFS Dance

Support can be beautiful. AND oh so fun! Take for instance the annual Dancing for a Brand New Me competition benefit put on by Lassen Family Services. LoCaLs putting it all their dance skills out there for everyone to see…and JUDGE. Yikes. These are some brave folks that do it all for all good cause.

LFS Fiscal Director Kerri Cobb told me what it is all about~
"Lassen Family Services Inc is hosting our annual Dancing for a Brand New Me Fundraising Outreach Event Oct 19th and 20th! We are so excited to have so many amazing volunteers from our Community as our Professional and Star Dancers all working hard and practicing to bring you an amazing show! It’s all to benefit Lassen Family Services, our many service programs, bring awareness to the community and and resources to Domestic Violence Victims."

"When I came to work at Lassen Family Services I thought that I knew what they did here, but it is so much more than I imagined. This event is part of Domestic Violence Awareness Month and not only does it provide funds for us to empower our participants but it brings awareness to Domestic Violence and the impact it has on individuals and families in our community. Here is just part of what we at Lassen Family Services offers:

24 hour crisis line and on call Crisis Intervention trained Peer Counselors to help victims of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault in our Community.
A staffed Shelter as well as a clothing closet and food pantry for our participants.
Parenting classes.
We partner with many County service agencies to give people resources to PHASE into empowerment.
Child Abuse Treatment Program and Court Appointed Special Advocates to round out our services to help families become whole. Lassen Family Services is the only service agency of our kind in Lassen County, we are looking forward to an exciting and powerful event. Please join us on October 19th and 20th, tickets are available now at our office at 1306 Riverside Drive.”

For ticket information, please call Lassen Family Services (530)257-5459 you’ll be so glad you did!

This years dancers left to right Kristie Jimenez, Luke Peterson, Shantel Thompson, Alex McElrath, Celeste Wiser, Larry McCracken, David Teeter, Terra Avilla, Doria Dalu, Seanne McElrath, Shannon Cook

Friday, October 12, 2018

Jim Uruburu

Before I get down to business I have to tell you a cute story. Ruthie Vache RAN the bakery here for many, many moons before retiring. We miss her still, that bright red hair, that laugh. Irreplaceable. So she was back in town visiting her son, Susan River Fire Chief Jim Uruburu on her 70th birthday. Can you believe our Ruthie is 70? A lovely little party hosted by Jim, his lovely wife Jenni and Ruthie’s daughter Leslie Whipple, well, they had an actual BURN PERMIT for the candles on her cake! Too much! It was a blast, always a pleasure to be with old friends and their families.

Now down to business. Did you know our Lassen County Public Health Department has a Emergency Preparedness Team consisting of Jim Uruburu, Maryann Kiar, Alice Robinson and so many other of the good people at our LoCaL health department!? They do! AND they are all about Get Ready- Stay Ready. In an emergency situation the team would work with OES and ALL of our public entities would come together as volunteers to pull off needed shelters and such. As Jim pointed out it used to be that neighbors helped neighbors, we were much more self sufficient. I think we’ve lost touch a little bit with the basics that could be necessary in an emergency like;

First aid kit
Evacuation plan
Pet emergency supplies
Is your car ready if you became stranded? Where do you keep your important documents? There is so much I realize I’m not prepared for! Public Health has these terrific pamphlets with tons of great information and they’ll be available right here at the market on October 15th when Jeremy Germ will be here giving Flu Shots from 1:30-4:30! Jim Uruburu will be here to talk about preparedness and to answer any questions!

You gotta see this picture of Jim on his first day at the new job. His daughter put together all the essentials ~

Be sure to add this to your calendar! Hometown Healthy!

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Lassen County RoCkS

We live in an area where 4 distinct geological features converge; the Cascade range, the Sierra/Diamond range, volcanoes and desert. This creates a perfect storm for Rockhounds. Susanville Rockhound founder Rollie Emerson tells me. He also says as a Rockhound if he could live anywhere in the world he would choose here. Wow. That’s pretty cool.

I don’t know anything about rocks but found some really pretty rose quartz and a few little crystals, I brought them to work to show Toni Iba (in our Bakery) then I began to find out what we have right here! She brought in a few of her finds from our area:

  • Petrified wood found near Roxie Peconom
  • Black Tourmaline, Thompson Peak
  • Rose Quartz, Murdock Crossing
  • Amethyst, Red Rock/Hallelujah Junction area

Her finds are all so beautiful and what a fun thing to do! Growing up near the Geysers in Santa Rosa she fell in love with rockhounding and that continues today. Toni told me all of her really cool finds (like that gem quality amethyst pictured) she was with Rollie and he told her where to look. Some people just have a talent for it. Rollie said finding what YOU like is all that matters and Toni said “Even a diamond is just a rock until someone recognizes it’s beauty and polishes it up”

Check out and join the Susanville Rockhounds Facebook page to see some absolutely incredible LoCaL finds!

Thanks for showing me one more reason to be Hometown Proud!

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