Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Sheriff's Posse

It never ceases to amaze me what I can learn in just a short conversation right here at the market. Take for instance the Sheriff Posse's recent shopping trip. Here’s just a few things I was told by Captain Jim Panos and Danny Lindsey:


In 1941-42 the Posse was tasked with watching for invading Japanese with plans Herlong had for both Japanese and American plans.
They were originally established to aid the Sheriff in search and rescue.
Annual St Jude ride has earned over $81,000 in donations which Captain Panos attributes to the huge support they have here.
Support Ag scholarships. One is a veterinary school scholarship in honor of Doc Tangeman, a 40 year member.
Work with our community and Chamber of Commerce at Christmas, Halloween or whatever Chamber Executive Director Patti Hagata asks them to help with :)
They still believe in doing everything LOCAL. Boy, do we appreciate this.
Every year the Posse heads out for their Papoose Meadows Ride Out, where they ride, shoot trap, play horseshoes and such. This year about 45 people will participate.

HUGE Hometown thanks to our Lassen County Sheriff’s Posse for all you do and for doing it all LOCAL!

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