Monday, April 9, 2018

Hometown Heritage!


It’s a small world. I wanted to share some pictures of the gorgeous stained glass inside the Susanville United Methodist Church so I started talking to Katy Dockery, Administrative Assistant at the church for 30 years. She is entertaining and knowledgable on many subjects. Turns out Katy came here from Thorn Bay, Alaska. I happen to know Ronnie Chandler owner of Critter Keepers came from Alaska 49 years ago, maybe they know each other. I know it’s a big state but maybe. Right? Katy didn’t know Ronnie but she did know that the man who officiated her marriage in Alaska was one of Ronnie’s relatives! I called Ronnie to ask if she minded my printing that. Ronnie is always so open, she loved the idea AND told me her Granddad had built the framing on the pipe organ in the SUMC almost 40 years ago. Small town. Small world.

Back to the church. The current Susanville United Methodist Church celebrated their 100th anniversary January 1917! This was the 3rd church on this site having lost the first two to fires. The stained glass is indeed spectacular. Each window is a memorial. The church is currently connecting all the old organ pipes to a new organ. SUMC is a beautiful piece of our history!

Hometown Heritage!


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