Thursday, September 28, 2017

Chief Moore

As Patriot’s Day approaches I am reminded how we Lassen Countians show such great respect for our first responders EVERY day. Responders like Susanville Fire Department Chief James Moore. James has been with the SFD since 1987. He was just 14 and began with the Boy Scout Explorers, following that James served as a Volunteer for 10 years, hired as a career firefighter in 2000 and promoted to Battalion Chief in 2015. James says he still can't believe they pay him to do this . What a wonderful Hometown Proud story to tell, but wait...I also get to go tour the Fire Department? Yes, please!


I have to admit I was hoping there was a fire pole to slide down. No. BUT this firehouse did use the pole from the original firehouse to raise the American flag for 30 years until it was just too worn out. You know they saved it since Chief Moore and the SFD hold their history in high regard. The firehouse walls have photos of the original department where City Hall is now located. There is a framed box that displays all of the fire call box contents from days gone by. Lining the rafters are Fire department patches collected from all over. The garage houses several firetrucks each with a special use and purpose. This place is seriously cool.
I asked the Chief what he would like us to know or how we can assist them. Here's what he had to say~

Volunteer. Currently they need volunteers. The physical testing is tough, applicants will need to be in good shape. The Chief himself has begun long distance running/racing. Way to lead by example.
Be aware of your surroundings, don't be distracted. Fire, Flood and other disasters can turn in an instant. Keep a safe distance for your safety and the safety of first responders.
Inaccuracies are frequently posted on social sites then shared and re-shared Don't help perpetuate this. Go to the fire departments site, they will keep you updated as soon as possible. SFD now has a person dedicated to their social media.
Pictures will come, from reliable sources. Don't risk your life or endanger others to get that shot.
Remember life is fragile, Chief Moore says he is still surprised by just how fragile.

Thanks to our LoCaL Legends, Battalion Chief James Moore and everyone at Susanville Fire! You make us Hometown Proud!

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