Friday, December 22, 2017

Chapman's Sour Cream Tacos

 PaRtY season is in full swing. For me it all starts in October with a visit to Wemple’s Pumpkin Patch. This year I was fortunate enough to visit twice, the food and vibe kicks off my holiday spirit, they even have Christmas decorations in the shop. Then on Halloween Jim and Marilyn Chapman have their annual open house, this year was the 27th but Rick and I have only been going a little over 20 years ;) . This party is as Norman Rockwell as it gets, friends stop by mid trick or treat with their kids and have a bite to eat, a neighbor drops by to use the oven, LoCaLs strewn from the kitchen to the living room eating, laughing, watching baseball… So fun, so small town. I love it. 

Chapman puts together a delicious do it yourself taco bar complete with his sister’s recipe for salsa known as ‘Barbara Sauce’ (I would ask for this recipe but Jim makes it for me and I don’t wanna mess that up!) AND he makes this wonderful little casserole called Sour Cream Tacos. IT. IS. MY FAVORITE! This is just right to take to events, have on hand when family comes, you can even make it ahead. The really big bonus for me when I asked if he would share the recipe Jim made another one and brought it to my house! Have I told you I love my job? I do. As a matter of fact Marilyn says she know Jim loves her when he makes this dish for her. I get it.


"This recipe a neighbor gave my mother about 50 years ago and one she made often as we were growing up. It’s simple to make. These are similar to a cheese enchilada or a fat quesadilla. ~ Jim Chapman


1 package of 12 soft flour tortillas

1 16 oz. container of sour cream (or IMO works well as a substitute)

1 16 oz. package of cheddar cheese (your preference, Longhorn, Medium Cheddar or Sharp Cheddar all work well)

1 16 oz. package of jack cheese (Monterey Jack or Pepper Jack work well, depending on how spicy you prefer the dish)

1 cup shredded cheese (from remainder of cheese not used for slices)

Optional: use diced green chili or diced olives to add color, texture and flavor

Heat oven to 375º.

Spray the bottom and sides of the pan with a non-stick spray. Depending on size of pan take four or five tortillas and slice in half, fold in one stack and trim the outer edge for a strip that is 3½ to 4 inches wide. Then slice ¼” thick pieces of both cheeses, to match the number of strips of tortillas. Spread each strip with a generous layer of sour cream, lay one slice each of the two cheeses in the middle. Optionally, you can add diced green chili or olives on one side. Then roll the strip wrapping the cheese slices and lay in the pan. Repeat the process until all strips are used and the pan is full. Then spread a generous amount of sour cream on top of the dish. Sprinkle shredded cheese and unused diced olives or green chili on top of the sour cream for color, texture and flavor. Bake for 30-40 minutes, depending on how well done you like the cheese. Let cool and then slice and serve."

Thanks for sharing your recipe Jim!

* I couldn’t find any past party pics so I included one from the San Francisco bike races with Bob Dale, Jim Chapman, Me, Ruth Darling, Marilyn Chapman, Dennis Darling. And a Rotary Photo with Mike Kirack, Jim and Marilyn and Todd Eid and one of Rick and Jim at the Masonic Lodge.

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