Sunday, September 9, 2018

Thompson Peak Lookout

Thompson Peak has got to be one of the most beautiful, iconic sights in Lassen County. If you’ve never been to the top, right now is a great time to go. We went up in August and were heartily greeted by Lookout Richard Walters who invited us to bring our family the next day. He let us use the catwalk all the way round, take photos and entertained us all with so many stories!

When I told Richard I wanted to share about our visit and encourage others to make the trip he said he wanted to be sure to tell you all thank you. Evidently several years ago the catwalk was pulling away and such a danger to use that Richard would hang onto anything he could to make it around. The next year the lookout was closed. On Richard’s annual trek through to Oregon he stopped at Artisan Coffee and was visiting. When coffee shop owner, Austin Minert, found out the Lookout was closed he asked what could be done. Richard told him to find someone that would do the needed repairs pro bono. Austin did just that and more. Our LoCaL communities all banded together (along with Forestry donations!) and raised the necessary funds for materials and completed the necessary work. Richard named off all the towns that helped and though I can’t remember them all, just know, Richard won’t forget. The very next season it was reopened!


The Thompson Peak Lookout is much more important than I even could imagine. Richard and another lookout spotted the first Clearlake fire this year and triangulated the location. That’s a long way from home. I for one rest a little easier knowing our lookouts are manned and keeping vigilant watch over our land. 


Richard Walters, Austin Minert and all that helped, my heartfelt thanks. You’re all Hometown Heroes!


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