Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Christmas Memories

This time of year stirs up memories for many. Me included. My Mom always told the story of my brother and I sneaking down the hall when we were little with a (crudely) wrapped gift, giggling every few steps. John and I had pooled our money earned from chores to buy Mom a Nativity scene in a dome, when you wound it up Silent Night would tink out in music box fashion. That’s why we were giggling, it kept playing a note no matter how still we tried to hold it. Fond, warm Christmas glow settles on me when I recall this.

I asked my husband to share one of my favorite stories of his.

Susanville Super Owner Rick Stewart~
"I was about 7 or 8 visiting my Grandma in Chico. I had done some chores for her and had earned exactly one dollar. I wanted to get her a Christmas present so I took my dollar down to the 5 and dime. I found a red velvet reindeer that I thought was just right. The problem was I didn't have enough cash. After some serious negotiations with the shopkeeper, this seven year old walked out of the shop with the reindeer.

My Grandma put that reindeer out every Christmas until she passed away. It was old and tattered then, much of the velvet having long since rubbed off. But the love it represented for my Grandma was just as new and perfect as they day I gave it to her.

53 years late, but thanks to the shopkeeper who made it possible.”

From Rick, me and all our Susanville Super family: May your Christmas be filled with joy and fond memories of loved ones far and near!
God Bless!

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