Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Lassen County Times Makenzie Davis

News. Yikes, right? Imagine trying to report all the facts of any given story, putting your name on it and having your entire community read it. Sounds pretty scary to me. That is exactly what Makenzie Davis at Lassen County Times and many other locals do. Maybe not heroic in everyone's eyes but as someone who writes a little note every week about food or locals or the great place we live, it sure sounds brave.

Makenzie grew up in Paradise and Quincy so she is a small town girl through and through. Her college major was broadcast journalism but she quickly chose to get behind the camera instead. Some times her job leads to a sleepless Monday night but it's clear to me Kenzie loves what she does. She told me she is "keenly aware of how her articles can affect people" so she tries to always be respectful. I really like knowing that we're all taken into consideration. That's what makes a community. 
I asked how we can help our local paper, Kenzie said their job is to tell our stories so if you have a good one let them know. Those are the articles we all really love! AND with that in mind here's a pretty sweet story that fits right into a Final Four ad...Lassen College Basketball coach Will Freedman used to occupy the desk facing Kenzie's at the Times. They became friends and now are a great couple. Kenzie gets to go to away games on the team bus with Will which is always fun but says the energy HERE for our LoCaL games is amazing! One more SUPER fun thing I gotta go see!

Thank you Makenzie Davis and everyone at the Times for keeping us informed! Thanks to Will and the Lassen College Basketball team for all the Hometown Proud FUN!


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