Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Our Hometown Proud Crew

Sometimes I just have to brag. You know that old adage when the cat’s away the mice will play. It simply isn’t true at Susanville Super. Recently Rick and I had to be in Sacramento for WIC training and an IGA board meeting, at the same time Assistant Store Director Jessica Miller went into labor which also pulled Store Director Todd Eid (aka Jessica’s dad) out. All this just two days before our Wholesale Meat Bonanza. How'd that work out...

PERFECTLY. We have a team that rises to every challenge. While we're away I receive texts frequently showing what's happening now so I can share it on our Facebook page. Stuff like~ Patti had visitors she's known her whole life, Marie FrEsH cut all these gorgeous peppers and one was heart shaped. On this particular day Chris and Kailie were decorating as many cakes as possible to get ready, Ann was whipping up fabulous Deli Trays and our team even participated in a Lassen Family Services Denim Day! Seriously, do you guys need me? We frequently get asked when we're out "Who's running the place?" Our top notch team of Head Clerks of course! The HCs are versed in opening, closing, ordering, maintaining equipment, handling crew scheduling issues. In short, THEY ROCK. 
When we all returned the day of the big meat sale (all except Jess, she's gonna be off for a bit :) The store conditions were fantastic! Maybe I need to spend a little more time in the woods, I do love it there...

Thanks to our Head Clerks and our whole IGA family for making us the Hometown Proud Market we are!

CONGRATULATIONS to Cammo and Jessica Miller on their beautiful baby boy!

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