Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Your Super Friendly, Super Fresh and now, Super FAST Super Market!

What if you could order your groceries online and then just pick them up? Wouldn't that make those CrAzY days just a little easier? That's the plan.  We have been beta testing a program called Rosie. She's my new best friend. 

You know how much I love camping, right? Imagine standing in your camper, van, RV or just in the midst of all your camp gear and tapping out your list. Our dedicated order person Justin, shops pulling together the best of the best. That's right, you want a tomato? Justin makes sure you get a tomato you yourself would choose. All while you're packing all the other camp essentials. Pull up, pick up and you're off! We call it Susanville SuPeR Fast! I just tried it and it is maybe the coolest thing ever. Even though I am in the store most days this makes my life easier. While traveling for work I wrote my camping list on Wednesday to pick up on Friday. I even got a sweet note from Marie written on my half cantaloupe :) Who says you can't still get that personal service with a click and collect? With my peeps you can!  
We have no intention of turning Patti (or any of our IGA family) into a Maytag repairman. PLEASE be sure and stop by as much as possible BUT were hoping this will make your hectic days a whole lot simpler. And fresher. Full Produce, Meat, Grocery, Deli and Bakery departments all at your fingertips. 
Miss Rosie will be coming to y'all soon and I'm sure she's gonna be your best friend too! 

Your Super Fresh, Super Friendly, and now, Super Fast Super Market ❤️

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