Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Clean Sweep

A healthy body requires more than one serving of fruits and veggies. More than one day of fresh air and exercise. More than one night of rest. Good health takes commitment, this is true regarding the health of our community too. The really great news is there is a lot of us doing the work. On February 6th we saw about 200 locals meet for the Susan river clean up. Businesses, students, teams, retirees, Sheriff, and the City of Susanville showed up with darn near the entire staff, including Police and Fire Department, C&S Waste brought dumpsters, Kirack Construction had heavy equipment to load debris. It was a beautiful thing. Tables with donated food and water for the volunteers were set up at Axia Home Loans. All the equipment needed, gloves, pickers, bags etc was supplied by the City. 
The Susan River flows from Silver and Caribou Lakes in the pristine Caribou Wilderness right through Hog and McCoy Flat then meanders along in Susanville before heading out to Honey Lake. This is our river. Leave it to our hometown to make cleaning it up a fun community event. I got to visit with quite a few folks I hadn't seen for a while. We were put in small groups, assigned to an area, helping one another move things up the banks, the pleasant company made the work go quickly. One person was sharing how back in the 90s they would fish right in the area we were cleaning. Nice. 
If you missed this event fear not, clean ups are scheduled throughout the year! Of course everyone can't show up every time but unlike diet and exercise we can tag team this. Maybe commit to a few dates and talk to friends and family about the doing the same. At first the task seemed insurmountable but now... totally doable. 

I want to name everyone that helped clean the river that day or in the past but I know I'll miss so many. Let me just say it was my Hometown Proud friends and family, doing what they do to keep our community healthy.  

Thank you all so much. See ya out there~

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