Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Susanville Runners

Let’s face it, it’s tough to stay in shape during the winter. At least our upper bodies have kept busy this year what with all the shoveling of snow and stacking of sandbags. We still need to keep our hearts and lungs healthy with some aerobic activity though and It’s a whole lot easier to stay in shape than to get back in shape. Lots of LoCaLs are STREAKING! It’s not what you think. The last couple of months my Facebook newsfeed has been totally blown up with screen shots of treadmills and gps routes. That’s a lot of positivity if you ask me. People walking, running and even shuffling, :) that would be Rod Mccollough. No matter how fast or slow they post it up! I love this, the triumph is in just getting it done rather than just being the fastest or farthest. Linda Powell wants Susanville Runners to be completely INclusive! Susanville Runners Facebook group was started in 2011 by Linda Powell, Lisa Urquizu, Carol Growden and Katie Zumpano and it appears to have hit the ground running, see what I did there. Here’s what Linda tells me is going on~

"This past Thanksgiving Runners World posted their Run Streak which was to last from Thanksgiving Day until New Years day. I thought it would be fun to roll it out to the Susanville Runners group. About 16 people signed up. The goal was to run at least one mile per day each day. They had to post a picture of their GPS or treadmill. When January rolled around, there were a lot more people interested and excited to start off their New Year. We had about 62 or so people start off and about 45 or so finished successfully. Many others wanted to join a February streak so I went ahead and organized it. For February, I broke it into Streakers and Trainers. Streakers now have to run 1.5 miles each day and the Trainers have to hit 18 miles minimum in a week. They have 1 long run day and can take up to 2 rest days. The streakers can run or walk. I also allow the elliptical for those who have injuries or just need a day of lower impact. The exciting thing is that there are some people who have never run a race, but as they gain confidence and fitness, they are signing up for the Paiute Meadows Trail Run. The group for Feb has about 40 people involved. As soon as the weather clears up, I plan on having a Run Streak Run get-together! There are some people who are nearing 100 days in a row!”

One visiting runner posted “Can I just say I LOVED how many thumbs up I got from people in this town as I ran by. Not just older people but little kiddos and teens too. I’ve never experienced that before. I’ve usually seen a wave or a quick hello but the thumbs up was really encouraging. Thank you Susanville!” 
You know it! That’s our Ville!

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  1. "It’s a whole lot easier to stay in shape than to get back in shape." Boy isn't that the truth. What a fun way to get back to fitness!


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