Tuesday, March 28, 2017

HaPpY Anniversary

“On March 28th 1993, Rick and I became a part of Susanville Supermarket and this community! We are so very Hometown Proud of where we live and work and of the people that make it the place we call home. Our Daughter Cyndi, was 13 in ‘93. She worked in the Market, graduated from Lassen High School and met her husband JR in Susanville. Now we have two wonderful Grand- daughters. The majority of our lives have taken place right here. Rick and I know how fortunate we are to have these deep roots.

Our Susanville Supermarket team has deep roots, too. Though many have come and gone our team is strong. First and second generations have worked side by side to keep us that way. Some people remain from the very first days, others came soon after and some retired. We are fortunate indeed.

Looking back, I found an old Lassen County Times ad from 1996 and not too much has changed in the way we do business at Susanville Super. We still think customer service is number one and offer top quality products and value with our signature personal touch. The Meat Department is still Jim Griswold’s and he continues to offer the finest quality meat with custom cutting at no extra charge. Ruthie Vache retired several years ago (gosh I miss her laugh!) but Richard Barber has maintained the Best Donuts On The Planet in his scratch bakery for 24 years. John Whitby’s Produce Department is as healthy, fresh and high quality as ever but he now adds local produce when available and is always watching for exclusive, seasonal items. Richard and Hope Browning’s Deli has that full service tradition and they are constantly expanding their selection and Store Director Todd Eid is the best in the business!

Together, we are always looking for ways to better serve the community we love that we are so Hometown Proud to be a part of.

We thank all of our staff and community. For 24 wonderful years!” - Anna Stewart 


  1. Thank you Pam! Right back at ya. You've been there since the beginning. Xoxo

  2. What an honor it's been to be a part of this wonderful community.


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