Monday, November 6, 2017

LoCaL Artisan

Looking up the difference between an Artist and an Artisan, here’s what I read on Google~ "An artist creates something whose only value is aesthetic. An artisan creates something that is functional -- bread, furniture, etc.” Here are just a few LoCaL ARTISANS featured on the shelves at Susanville Super~

Therese Bailey takes her vivid watercolors and makes lovely notecards. Some people purchase the cards to frame or make a collage!

Linda Erway forms clay into distinctive pottery in earth inspired colors and designs. I always discover another piece I need.

Tammy Hancock’s syrup is liquid amber happiness, not to mention all the cookie, crepe and bar mixes. Just add butter, eggs and LOVE.
Erin Woods creates the most exquisitely aromatic scented soaps, bath bombs, room sprays, bubble bars plus more with an ever expanding variety of items!
Erin told me how she got her start, "I have lived in Janesville most my life. My mother and grandfather are huge inspiration to me, they have always been extremely crafty people. I started making soap about 15 years ago, with my mom. We used to travel all summer to different craft fairs, and sell all of our mini hobby crafts. I took a break for a couple of years but now I'm ready to make a full time career out of bath and body products. The kids just love helping me, and always give me great ideas! We are an extremely artistic family and always have many fun projects going. The kids even enjoy making their own products, and selling at craft fairs with me. Soaping/ crafting is so therapeutic, it's very uplifting to make something with your hands that other people can enjoy. It brings me absolute joy when people tell me they love my soap.”

Linda Erway said one day, back in College, she saw an intriguing sign that read “POT SALE”, of course she had to check that out! Linda walked into the hall and saw all the pottery and just knew that this was what she wanted to do. Now, finally, after retiring from teaching her dream has come true. Luckily for us.

We are so Hometown Proud to carry items from just a few of our talented LoCaL ARTISANS!

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