Friday, November 3, 2017

Flu Season

*Grocerette note~ The Flu clinic was great! How does LCPH make getting shots so fun? 

Flu season can be a sketchy time. You never know if the friends/family or the person you just shook hands with is just not symptomatic yet, but carrying that nasty little virus. Lassen County Public Health is there for us, ensuring anyone that would like to protect themselves from influenza, has access to vaccines… for free. AND they come right to our market to vaccinate! I have mentioned this to friends and store owners in other locations and I can tell you this is indeed rare.

The good people at LCPH are what make this department so unique. One of those caring community members is Steve Tank. He is never too busy to talk to me and set up the Market’s clinic day, even coming in early to vaccinate our employees first so it won’t impact customers wanting shots. Also a pastor at the Southern Baptist Church (most call it the Log Cabin Church) in Janesville he never misses an opportunity to be a positive influence in our village.

Steve is also known as Jeremy Germ, the Germinator, another positive, plus I always check out Steve’s Facebook photos for lovely shots of sunrises, sunsets and his LoCaL hikes. Well, his and Jeremy Couso’s. So Steve told me that Jeremy Germ was an award winning creation from a group of Diamond View students, the students were even sent to DC as part of their prize! I needed to know more. A quick Google search took me to “the home of all things Susanville”, You can always count on Jeremy Couso to get all the good news out there. According to Susanvillestuff Public Health coordinated with the "DV Drama Club for a community wide hand washing awareness campaign”. The students won an award from an Absentee Prevention program! Nice work kids! Now Jeremy Germ (Steve Tank) has become a LoCaL icon frequently appearing at community events. Susanvillestuff even had photos (of course)!

On October 25th Lassen County Public Health was at Susanville Market offering free influenza vaccinations from 1:30 to 4:30, Jeremy Germ made an appearance too :) .

Huge thanks to Steve Tank and all the folks at Lassen County Public Health for helping us stay Hometown Healthy!

Thank you to for making it oh so easy to find “all things Susanville”!

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