Monday, October 23, 2017

LoCaL Like a Tourist

When Rick and I travel we always know everything is in capable and caring hands. There is nothing Todd can’t handle, his decades of experience and caring always show through. Our crew knows this is their store and treat it as such, making us Hometown Proud is what they do. I have house sitters, garden pickers, and Chandler Ranch is always happy to take stellar care of my sweet shih tzus if needed. My life is indeed good in this tight knit community, my IGA family makes it possible for me to relax and experience the destination’s sights, cuisine, shops, history, museums or just go on long walks to see what we can discover. 

Then it’s time to go home. I’m always ready because it really is my favorite place on earth. I love my job, my people, my routine. Like Dorothy said “there’s no place like home”. This got me thinking. What would we discover if we explored with the same curiosity right here at home? Stopping by the Chamber, the Depot or the Arts Council for upcoming events. Checking out and Lassen County Times to do this from the comfort of your own couch. Try a new sport, take a new trail, different food, go for a drive. Stick your head in a LoCaL business you haven’t visited before or for awhile. I’ve always wanted to go to some of the Ranger programs at Lassen Volcanic and though I have hiked and biked all around the park I’ve never done Bumpass Hell. That has gotta change. 

One of Rick’s hobbies is photography, it takes us places we wouldn’t go otherwise. We head out early some days to catch leaves changing or check out wildlife. Other days we stay up late so he can shoot the Milky way. I highly recommend looking at Lassen/Plumas through a camera lens, it’s extraordinary. 

Where we live is just a mass of land without all of you. You’re what makes this a community, one I’m very Hometown Proud to be a part of.

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