Thursday, October 5, 2017

Fast Frank~

What are you doing this weekend? How about riding a mountain bike from Verdi to Mendocino? That’s 400 miles with 40,000 feet of climbing on a combination of dirt roads, single track and some pavement. No one there to provide support, just a route map and you. Certainly not on most of our schedules but that is exactly what LoCaL cyclist Frank Winters (aka Fast Frank) will be doing. I am in awe. I used to do a bit of endurance cycling but not on a mountain bike. Mountain bikes just don’t roll like a road bike and they require more upper body strength. This is a daunting endeavor.

Frank began cycling with his Dad, the first organized event they rode together was the Davis Double. This ride is tough. 200 miles, in Davis, in May, temperatures usually reach 100*, PLENTY of climbing and windy flats with very little shade. Not an ideal first organized ride, clearly Frank doesn’t shy away from a challenge. I think it was around 2010 Frank attended the Senior Games and took 1st Place overall in the 50+ cycling division. We don’t call him Fast Frank for nothin’.

Recently retired from High Desert State Prison, where he worked for 22 years, Frank has more time to devote to his cycling and he seems to be making the most of it. To prepare for this weekends event Frank competed in a 24 hour ride out of Sierra Valley called the Agony Ride, a fundraiser for Christian Encounter Ministries, cyclists have 24 hours to ride as many miles as they can. Frank rode 351 miles in the time limit and raised over $500. Next up the Greenville Bear Growl, a 100 mile mountain bike ride with 10,000 feet of climbing. Go Frank.

Frank says this is the perfect place to live (ABSOLUTELY) and his advice for new riders is “just get out and do it”. He has encouraged so many cyclist to be stronger riders in a fun, healthy, competitive way. I happen to know our LoCaL cyclists are a fun group. Every Wednesday night Frank and the SABA Dirt Riders (Bill Bigford, Sean Buehler, Mark Kovacic and Mike Wright) go out for a 5 hour ride, I asked if it was open to everyone, Frank said it is but after the first hour most people wouldn’t like it :) Ha! I bet that’s true!

Good luck Frank! Thanks for showing us how FUN Hometown Healthy can be!

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