Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Ode to Sweet Susanville

I am a grandma. Of all the titles in my life this may very well be the best one. It is the culmination of the family I came from, the man I love, the daughter we are so blessed to have, the boy she brought into our family and these two precious little beings that just blow my mind. Remember how you felt/feel about your grandma? That is how they look at me. Wow.

Life becomes an adventure when our granddaughters visit. When we work at the store they are all business (with the exception of dancing in the aisles which I have seen on our security cams). They can’t wait to go to the garden and see what’s ripe today, digging potatoes, driving lessons on private roads, where’s Waldo, visit the wild horse corrals or just hop in the car and go find water, lakes, streams, a creek, here in Lassen County water is in every direction. I always knew how much their visits meant to me but then one day I saw a paper my eldest grand wrote for school. This is how a little city girl sees our hometown~

Learning to ride my bike,
learning to kayak,
learning how to do color guard,
all within these lonely hills.

I remember driving to this
one supermarket,
learning to help
my family set up
the shop for the busy
day ahead of us.

Growing up on the
world’s best donuts,
having a veggie delight
sandwich everyday at noon,
driving around to the closest
lake and going
for an afternoon swim.

The rest of the world not understanding that
it’s not about things we have,
it’s about the memories we’ve made
in the places we’ve been.

All these memories confined
within this small town,
like animals in a zoo
like fish in a tank.

The point of my ode is this,
be appreciative of the small things,
cherish everything you
have before it is gone.

If you’ve already read the ode on my blog…no. I’m not sorry. A grandma has to brag, it’s one of the numerous perks :) Hometown Proud!

Bonus feature~ Papa's driving lesson :)

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