Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Mr Somerville's Ag Welding

I still remember my Kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Van Aspirin. She was kind, soft spoken and played the piano. Some teachers leave a strong impression and we learn so much more than reading, writing and arithmetic. Even how to be better human, to serve our community and leave a mark for generations to come.

Take, for instance Mike Somerville’s Advance Ag Welding at Lassen High School. Did you know Mr Somerville takes on a large community project each year? His class recently designed and built the magnificent arched entry to the Susanville Cemetery. The detail and scrollwork on this piece is stunning, AND this isn’t their first, they also built the arch for Lassen Cemetery. Wow. Like I said, something for generations to come. Mr Somerville says while working on the arches the students had to learn troubleshooting and problem solving like how to get the arches even. I can’t even imagine.
Advanced Ag Welding led by Mr Somerville also built the trailer our Rotarians use to place all of those lovely American flags along Main st on Independence Day. Wouldn’t it be cool on the 4th to cruise our flag lined street up to Susanville Cemetery, make a loop to Lassen Cemetery and honor our heroes. Maybe for a moment think about how teachers influence and shape the face of our community.
Thank you Mike Somerville for making our community a better, more beautiful, place! Hometown Proud!

Happy Independence Day!

Take a look at some of the students individual projects pictured, a few will be in the Lassen County Fair auction! Cool stuff!

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