Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Paddy Waggins

I would really like to write about food, or fun things to do but this has been a tough week. We lost one of our dogs to cancer. I’ll never forget the day we met Paddington. Rick picked him up and he laid his furry little head on his shoulder. That was it. We were in love. He filled our days with mischief and wags. We called him Paddy Waggins. Whenever he laid down he always gave 2 wags. Every. Single. Time. Though I hate this part, I wouldn’t miss a minute of being head over heels for that little guy even knowing what it would feel like today.

So each day I try to go for a little walk and look for something beautiful, cottonwood flying in the sunshine, poppies in bloom, clouds racing across the sky, and maybe shed a few tears. On one walk I took a picture of a piece of gravel close up and thought how when I get farther away that piece is just a part of the whole road, like the rain that it takes to make a rainbow, the clouds that make the sunset or sunrise so much more beautiful or the beautiful forest on Hwy 44 planted after the Goat Fire. I’m waiting for this rock to become a part of my road. But in the meantime (and sometimes it’s a real mean time) I give myself a break watch a show I like, sit in the sun, take that walk and grieve a bit. 



There’s an quote I read “it’s okay to look back, just don’t stare”, good stuff. So I talk to a friend about it but not ALL my friends, have a cookie but not the whole bag, and know that this will pass and when it does, then I’ll be ready to do it all over again.

Oh wait. I guess I did just tell ALL my friends. That’s what community is all about.


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