Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Lassen High ASB

Lassen High prides themselves on inspiring excellence in so many ways, they offer lots of varied extracurricular activities that can provide an edge when applying to college. Activities are led by dedicated, hard working teachers that really care about our community. Teachers like Carrie Satica. She is also Coordinator for the Associated Student Body and you can tell right away when you talk to Carrie that her involvement with ASB comes from her heart, she was the ASB Director of Public Relations as a student at Lassen. Today Carrie has an honest desire to help kids express their love for LHS and school spirit.

Here’s what Carrie tells me they learn in this club~
"ASB teaches kids how to work together and learn leadership skills. We focus on working in the community and spreading positive energy. ASB focuses on helping to prepare students for life after high school in the sense of working with others and being prepared to communicate and become strong leaders.”

…and activities? They’ve got them~
"The ASB class participates in many activities. We organize a portion of the Holiday with a Hero event, which includes pricing out items for stockings, purchasing the supplies, and putting the stocking together. Then getting assigned a child and helping them shop with a first responder. We do so many events its hard to name them all. I believe we organize the BEST student section in the Northstate at our sporting events, we incorporate a We Are Lassen Activity into every aspect of school culture, reach out to the feeder schools each year to welcome the incoming 8th graders, appreciate teachers and students caught doing good.... and on and on…”

Susanville Super has a very special connection with our LoCaL high school students, so many have worked for us and/or spent their lunches with us. Watching them mature to Hometown Proud members of our community is everything.

Thank you LHS teachers and staff. The work you do makes you Hometown Heroes!

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