Saturday, June 22, 2019

Eagle Scouts!

Gerald Ford, 38th President of the United States.
Neil Armstrong, Astronaut and first man on the moon.
James Lovell, Astronaut.
Just three of the men who became notable AFTER achieving the rank of Eagle Scout, an incredibly impressive status in the Boy Scouts of America. Only 4% of Scouts have earned this honor since 1911 and I gotta believe Lassen County has been carrying a lot of that load! Local Troop 58 and 159 just inducted 7 new Eagle Scouts; Henry Anderson, Hayden Chittock, Ryan Elison, Jacob Memmott, Aiden Phillips, Kenton Ritz and Jacob Wilburn. 

All branches of our Military recognize Eagle Scouts with an automatic promotion of two ranks, upon entry, which includes a pay raise. What a great thing for any college or job application, plus scholarship eligibility anywhere from $1000 to $50,000! 

To earn Eagle Scout these young men each had to complete a community project and, wow, have they added some wonderful things to our area. Four of the projects were at Peter Lassen's Monument where for years there was a tipping tree, so dangerous that the scouts were not allowed to do anything out there until it was removed. Once it was cut down the tree's harvested wood was made into gorgeous benches and a new entrance . Gone is the old turnstile that embedded slivers in your hand with every visit. Replaced with a turnstile that's easy to move and large enough to bring your picnic or bike in with you. The old monument received an enclosure while the new granite marker was placed on a stamped concrete base. AND speaking of bringing your bike, (one of my favorite topics) a bike rack was installed for the community swimming pool. At Ranch Park trail markers where made and installed to guide us through on bike or foot or horseback. Seriously wonderful stuff for us all to enjoy.  
Then this. Like 100 years ago trees were planted at the old courthouse signifying each Lassen County life lost in WWI. Many years ago 2 markers where placed but the others were never finished. Now each tree has a marker with the name of the fallen soldier. Someone told me this was 20 years in the making. Nice work. 
I would like to thank and congratulate these fine young men in the many years of commitment required to achieve the distinction of Eagle Scout. We are so Hometown Proud of you!

*HUGE Hometown thanks to Scout Master Chip Chittock for asking Rick if he would make a video for the presentation dinner. Otherwise I might not have even known about these young men. The completed video brought tears to my eyes. Rick put together his drone footage and each of the Scout's talk about their individual projects. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did! 

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