Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Yogi and the Pic-a-nic basket

I have seen 4 bears in my life (outside of my trip to Yellowstone, you can't throw a rock without hitting a grizzly there :). The first was on a bike ride to Genesee with Linda Erway, it crossed the road right in front of us! The second was on highway 32 by Potato Patch campground, at about the same time my father passed away. The other two have been right over by Thompson Peak. I don't have a picture of any of them, the moment was all consuming for me. Every time it has given me an even deeper appreciation for our wilderness. 

In the summer when Rick and I get off work we are like kids when the school bell rings! Rushing through chores on lunch hours, before work or before bedtime so those prime hours can be spent playing outdoors. This means meals are eaten on the go. We refer to it as a dinner date! It's the best. Loading up the camp stove to cook hotdogs on the mountain is a real treat (be sure you have a permit and are in an area where this is allowed AND SAFE). 
The other evening was when I saw the 4th bear. Rick and I were on one of the backroads between Thompson and Red Rock Lookout. Deli Manager, Hope Browning had made us the most delish sandwiches for dinner. We stopped at a beautiful meadow and there it was, cinnamon coat gleaming in the sunlight as he/she lumbered along in that bear way. Glorious. The meadows are filled with flowers, the streams flowing, this is the time to get out there! You might even get to see a bear! Our deli would be happy to take care of dinner for you. 

Here is my standing sandwich order~
Onion Roll (our deli breads are made fresh in the Bakery each night)
Best Foods Mayo, just a little
Salsa Turkey, half the usual amount

And Rick's~
Onion Roll
Sweet hot mustard, just a little
Roast Beef
JalapeƱos, diced

Thanks so much to our Deli for making all those summer meals for me! 

RIGHT NOW! We just went last night and there are miles of mules ear that will bloom in the next few days! It's gonna be an epic bloom! Here's a little video to show what I mean~

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