Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Independence Day

"There exists one post that is unique – Master Chief Petty officer of the Navy (MCPON). The holder of this post is the most senior enlisted member in the U.S. Navy. As of August 2018, Russell L. Smith is the current MCPON."~ Wikipedia

...And get this, Russell Smith, the Master Chief of the ENTIRE U.S. Navy graduated from Lassen High School in 1988. Local resident Mark Solomon told Rick this at a recent gathering inside the Elks Lodge. Mark calls Master Chief Smith a 'good  solid friend' and says he's been one for many years. Mark is also a veteran, he joined the U.S. Army during Vietnam. On patriotic holidays like 4th of July they text each other a thank you for the service to our country. Mark believes that every job is an opportunity and in 31 years of service the MCPON has risen to every challenge. Here are a few of his accomplishments according to Navy.Mil "a myriad of sea duty assignments, including USS Enterprise, SEAL Team FOUR, USS Carl Vinson, two tours onboard USS Abraham Lincoln, and most recently as command master chief onboard USS Momsen."
                 In our conversation Mark stated " While there is only one Master Chief Russell Smith, there are many heroes in this town that won't even tell you what they did". In light of that I'd like to shout out a couple Navy guys we have in our store. Vincent (Vinnie) Stalter  is currently in the Naval Reserve while working full time here. The love of my life, Rick Stewart, served 6 years as a submarine sailor aboard the U.S.S. Robert E Lee. Then today I found out our newest local vendor Seth Anderson served for 10 years in the Infantry (and has a child born on the 4th of July). I know there are many, many more. Please be sure and thank a veteran for this independence we hold so dear. 
                          Speaking of Independence Day. Did you know...there were 2 signers of the Declaration of Independence that went on to become President of the United States? Probably. BUT here's a bigger one I didn't know...Both of those men, John Adams and Thomas Jefferson, died on the exact same day, July 4 1826, the 50th anniversary of the signing. 
Thank you to all our Veterans, today we honor you, our Hometown Heroes!

Happy Independence Day! 

Photo credits: 
Declaration of Independence, 
Seth Anderson and family, Rustic Rancher website
Mark Solomon and Elks, Jim Chapman 
Rick Stewart, Anna Stewart 
Vincent Stalter and family, Vinnie

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