Friday, September 20, 2019

I LOVE the smell of sagebrush in the morning!

"You know that smell when you get to the bug station on your way home? I CRAVE that."~ Quincy McCort.
That's how you know he's a local. It's almost like Quincy gave me the secret handshake (we don't really have one... but if we did this would be it). Son of contractor Mike McCort, Quincy lived here as a kid and then spent all his summers in Litchfield with his dad. Now he's here full time, working at the City of Susanville and committed to making a difference. 
Then there is Heidi Whitlock. IDK how long she's been at the City now but I know she went there after working many years at Susanville Super. That means Heidi is IGA family. And we couldn't be prouder of her. During Heidi's years at the market we watched her; get married, become a great mom, twice, and graduate from college. 

Heidi and Quincy are quite the Yin and Yang, in their own words. Together this dynamic duo is working to make all our City dreams come true. Some of their goals are so lofty I won't put them here and they wouldn't want me to. Yet. But for now they are partnering with citizens that have a plan. For instance the skate park, citizens came to the City with a plan and since it was such a well thought out plan the City of Susanville got a grant to help it into action. Plus there's the lovely task force clean up going on (take a picture of yourself picking up trash and tag the City!), renovations at Riverside Park and what's this??? An 18 hole Disk Golf Course at Skyline Park! Too cool. Let's take back our parks, our streets, OUR CITY. Whoo. I better settle down. 
How can you help? Volunteer, for clean up or whatever. Share your ideas. Join the City of Susanville Administration facebook page to keep up on all that's happening. After all, a town is just a bunch of building and streets. We have a COMMUNITY. And a very good one at that. The more we help, the more we can get done. 

Thanks Heidi and Quincy for doing all you can to promote that Hometown Proud!

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