Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Let's channel our inner DISNEY!

Walt Disney measured distance in hot dogs. All trash cans at Disney World were planted 25 steps away from hot dog stands. This is precisely how long it took him to eat one. I can't even imagine the amount of trash generated at Disney World or Land. Yet the place is darn near spotless. How can this be?
Recently California Grocers Association put together a Store Leaders seminar focused on Service Excellence. The speaker, Dennis Snow, had a 20 year career with Disney World. What a dynamo. Accompanied by eight Susanville Super employees, we learned many things that day. Mostly I learned how enthusiastic and willing to learn my team was. Totally unified too! Meat, Deli, Grocery, Bakery, Produce! All there and all exchanging ideas. Sometimes you gotta take the Hometown Proud on the road to really see what's happening. 
Anyway, one of the topics was trash. Trash is everyone's job. At Disney even the Princesses pick up trash. Walt himself would do it. That's how you truly set an example. City of Susanville is currently setting a fine example. Thanks to a couple of grants, Cal Recycle and Tobacco Reduction, they've put together a task force (of 2 or so) to clean up the Ville! Rick and I began seeing young people out picking up trash on our morning walks. This got me thinking. What if we all pick up just one piece every time we're out? What kind of crazy clean up could WE get done? What kind of Disney-esque example could WE set? Let's do it! 
                                      Susanville is such a beautiful place to walk in the morning. Friendly faces, wildlife, fresh air, I love it. I picked up a lid on the Bizz today, one piece down :) 

This program really needs volunteers. J & J's Kickettes were spotted wearing the Cal Recycle tees and pulling a shift. If you or your organization would like to help, call 252-5110.
Thank you City of Susanville for showing your Hometown Proud!!

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