Friday, April 17, 2020

Dania Tynan

"Some people get an adrenaline rush from surfing or sky diving, I get it from public speaking" ~ Dania Tynan, Future Business Leader of America, Checker Susanville Supermarket. IDK about you but I find public speaking frightening!

Store Director Todd Eid is constantly looking for new team members and he knows Lassen High Future Business Leaders of America is an excellent resource. In 2018 Todd made a call to FBLA advisor Dawn Egan and she highly recommended Dania. What a find. She has worked here for a year and a half now and I've always found her to be professional and super friendly with co-workers and customers BUT little did I know what a dynamo she really is. Basketball, Varsity Golf, yearbook editor, FFA, FBLA and interned at the City of Susanville for a bit learning how to write grants. Dania's dad always stressed the importance of communication and she listened, taking her first public speaking class in middle school. After an injury playing basketball Dania needed to go to a physical therapist and was helped so much by it she decided that is what she would like to become. Helping people is the goal for her. Dania's enthusiasm for FBLA, public speaking and the future are infectious.

Last week Dania came in to ask if we could take a picture together for the conclusion of a FBLA project. She finished in first place in the 2020 FBLA Northern Section Leadership Conference in the Interview category! This competition included everything pertaining to applying for a specific job the student would currently be qualified for; dress code, application, resume', interview and giving a public presentation. What a terrific thing to teach our kids, certainly something everyone could benefit from. We could not be prouder of the way she excelled and the way she carries herself every day in the workplace!

Thank you to FBLA for all you teach our LoCaL youth! Congratulations to our own Dania Tynan! You all make us so Hometown Proud!

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