Friday, April 17, 2020

Meredith Emmot

I have Rheumatoid Arthritis, it feels strange to say that since it is so well controlled on a disease modifying drug. I realize I'm one of the lucky ones. RA is an autoimmune disorder and when it attacked me I knew something was systemically wrong. It wasn't just my joints but anything and everything was going wrong with my body. At the time Rick and I were doing a lot of bike riding and racing, we moved all of our riding to our tandem bike because sometimes the pain in my hands, wrist, shoulder was too severe to steer and brake for myself. After a few years we were invited to be on a tandem team on the Race Across America, by then my body had become so unpredictable I didn't think it was possible. Dr Meadows told me "time is our friend", he was right, a series of events led me to (rheumatologist) Dr Naguwa at UC Davis Medical Center and in January of 2011 after a few visits I asked Naguwa if he thought I would be able to do RAAM in June, he said "that shouldn't be a problem"! Sure enough, I did get to race with Team JDRF. 

Both my autoimmune and the medication I take require monitoring through lab test every 6 months. Enter Meredith Emmot at Banner Lassen Draw Station, What a resource. The location is convenient, open at 6:30 am, park right out front, friendly, clean, fast and it's like having your own personal Phlebotomist. Meredith has to draw like a gallon (perhaps a slight exaggeration) of blood from me for all the tests and I never feel a thing as she moves from one vial to another. The best. Meredith has been at Banner for 19 years of a career she began in 1992. Last year the Draw Station was closed for 6 weeks while she had shoulder surgery, I can't be the only one that felt some panic wondering why it was closed. I love that I don't have to walk through the hospital (where sick people have to go) to get labs PLUS if you have to fast you can get it over with at 6:30 am, for some folks mobility is an issue there are 2 spots right by the door and if someone needs, Meredith gets all of her things and (in her cute little Chuck Taylor's) goes out to the lot to do the lab right from their car. She's like that. So much experience, so much caring, as Meredith says "it's the little things". Truly it matters. There are locals that won't have their labs done unless Meredith can do them!

Lab results are posted to My Banner usually within 24 hours, I can sign in and click on any number to compare it to my past results. Dr Naguwa has a sign in his office, something about getting well won't happen without your participation. Banner Lassen and Meredith Emmot make it easy!

Meredith thanks for all you do to keep us Hometown Healthy!

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