Thursday, May 7, 2020

Mother's Day

I received the nicest gift from customer Beverly Clark. A signed copy of Joe Carcione's book, The Greengrocer. I grew up watching him on the evening news and was inspired to call my blog The Green Grocerette from that experience. This gift really touched my heart and brought back fond memories. Thank you so much Beverly!

As a tribute to Mr Carcione I'll give you a little grocery report. Then, cuz I like to, I'll throw in a recipe~

Berries~ BAM! They are outstanding right now, all of them. Fresh from the fields all varieties are holding up well in my fridge at home. Strawberries are on ad 2/$3 this week. Win. Win. Our Bakery will be whipping up some of their light as a feather Angel Food cake, pair that with berries and you're sure to be Mom's favorite!

Corn. Whoda thought it would be so sweet and juice this early? It is. And the pieces I've had didn't have a trace of starchiness. I add a smidge of sugar to the boiling water, someone told me once if you salt the water the corn can get tough. Boil for just a couple minutes then let set with the lid on while I get everything else ready. I like it crisp.

Baby Back Ribs! What more do I need to say, right? I have finally perfected my technique. First I sprinkle Spade-L seasoning for Pork on both sides, grill at about 425* on indirect heat. Start bone side down, turn after 35 minutes. Grill another 20. Slather bone side with sauce (I like KC Masterpiece), flip and slather meaty side, cook 9 minutes, slather that side again, cook 9 more minutes. Now they should be good and gooey. NOMMMMMM. Rick said he has traveled all over the States looking for the best bbq ribs and FINALLY had them right here at home. *Caution. You're gonna need to wash up and brush your teeth after, that's how you know it's goooooooood. 

Have a wonderful Mother's Day everyone. God bless all those Mommas out there. 

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