Friday, May 22, 2020


Ken Loflin pictured with his draft orders
"I got lucky I guess. Somebody was looking out for me." Kenny Loflin. 

On May 9th 1968 Eagle Thrifty opened a brand new store in the building that is today Susanville Supermarket. 19 year old Ken Loflin was one of the first employees and would only work for a week before being drafted into the US Army. After completing Basic Training in Fort Lewis Washington and Artillery School in Fort Sill Oklahoma, Ken volunteered for Vietnam. The Army had other plans. Ken was a pole vaulter for the United States Army (he says this with a smile), that's what he means when he says "someone was looking out". Absolutely. Ken had been an athlete in High School so the Army had him pole vaulting and playing fast pitch softball competitively all up and down the East Coast. Ken did indeed get lucky. And so did we. 

Ken returned to Susanville 2 years later and with only a couple of interruptions has worked at this store ever since. That is 52 years of service to his community. He retired many years ago but still works in the store a couple days a week. We are fortunate to have Ken and several of our retirees still working in the store one or two days a week. Ken Loflin, Tom Berger and Debbie Oschner bring so much experience and knowledge to the table, we definitely got lucky too. 

Thank you to Ken for your service to our Country! Thank you to all our still working retirees for your continued service to our community! 

Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend everyone. God bless. 

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