Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Our fearless leaders...

Such a weird year but we have made it to December. Normally December is a big fat blast at the store: our Susanville Super Christmas Party is attended by darn near everyone that works here, delicious food served at the Historic Elks Lodge, gifts, friends, photos and SO many hugs. That same week a dozen or so of our crew dress up and head to the Symphony with me, enjoying the lights along the way and eating a ton of homemade treats during intermission. We miss those and many other special moments this year. 

If I take just a moment and focus on what's good it's not hard to see. Those same folks that celebrate with me every year have worked with us shoulder to shoulder (albeit 6 feet away) as they always do. Even when people on both sides of the check stand were frightened and tensions were high plus items we never expected to run out of were scarce. My people were amazing. They made me Hometown Proud...again. 

Along those lines I would like to take a beat and give a shout out to a few that really led our team through 2020. Rick didn't get to give all his thanks at our Christmas Party. This year I'm doin it! Cuz I wanna, cuz it is so deserved and cuz I can~ AND cuz I wanna tell you about the folks leading the charge.

Jessica Eid Assistant Store Director, your calm demeanor (at least outwardly), willingness to do whatever it takes and "of course" response to every request never ceases to amaze. You're wise beyond your years. Thanks for all you do. Watching you grow up has been a pleasure.

Todd Eid Store Director, I have to defer back to what Rick says about you "you are the best in the business". The years of knowledge you possess cannot be faked and your ability to connect with customer and coworker makes us the Hometown market we are. When the $#@! hits the fan we know Todd will be there. Thanks for all you do.

Jim Griswold Meat Manager, this guy uses a coach approach to manage/mentoring and nobody does it better. His department is run so smoothly we just take for granted that Jim has got this. Family is everything to Jim and he makes us feel like family. Thank for all you do.

John Whitby Produce Manager, the last few years you have really come into your own. Adding all the responsibilities of Fresh Cut and putting a small kitchen in the department didn't phase John. As a matter of fact he shined. His optimist is a gift to us all. Thanks for all you do. 

Kailie Shoemaker Bakery Manager, our newest department head, you have taken that department from classic to fabulous! Breathing fresh life into not just the product offering but the crew. Everyone has a hand in everything now. All this while raising two littles at home. You're a star. Thanks for all you do. 

Hope Browning Deli Manager, so many challenges. You're ability to change on a dime through- high school lunch on/off, power outages, restaurants open/closed, fire lunches- all with a smile and that LAUGH. You bring smiles on the days we really need them. Thanks for all you do. 

Rick Stewart Owner and my partner in crime, we call you the legal department and always know if you don't have the answer to a question you WILL find it. You're a force to be reckoned with and we are so blessed to have you on our side. Pouring over the nearly daily changes to keep our store in compliance and open has been completely on you meanwhile keeping up with all the regular day to day challenges of running a supermarket. Thanks for all you do. 

We try to take the time to thank and appreciate our staff regularly but sometimes the leaders need a lil extra love too. Maybe taking a beat to tell others what they're doing right is the best gift of all. 

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