Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Elks Grants

We all know about our magnificent Elks Lodge outer beauty but even that is completely out-shined by what is going on inside. Elks National Foundation Community Investments Program offers several grants each year and our Lodge has been taking advantage of this for some time now. I spoke with Past Exalted Ruler and current Elks Secretary Connie Stovall. BTW Congratulations to Connie for being Susanville Elk’s first woman Ruler! Two of the Grants our Lodge has applied for and received at least 3 years running are the Gratitude Grant worth $2000 and the Beacon another $2000.
The Gratitude Grant is used to provide food for the Senior Center and Salvation Army also a portion goes to the Fast Pitch Girls baseball. Wonderful, the Senior Center and Salvation Army do so much to take care and feed those in need. AND any time we can keep our LoCaL youth involved it makes our community stronger. 

The Beacon Grant is awarded to LoCaL Phyllis Thomas. Phyllis lost her daughter Carrie to Cerebral Palsy. Carrie loved children and worked in daycare, the children loved her right back and would happily climb all over her and her wheelchair. When Carrie passed at just 21 she had money she had earned in her bank account. Phyllis didn’t know what to do with the money until it occurred to her she could provide soft, warm fleece blankets for children 0-5 in emotional or physical crisis to wrap in. It would be as if Carrie herself was wrapping her arms around them. Her charity is aptly named Carrie Your Blanket. What a lovely tribute to a loved one. We’re so sorry for your loss Phyllis.

This year Susanville Elks will be applying for two more grants. The $2000 Freedom Grant is provided for Veteran causes and the $10,000 Impact Grant is available for projects that would make a BIG Impact in your community. 

HUGE Hometown Thanks to Susanville Elks Lodge for providing for LoCaL charities! HUGE Hometown Thanks to Lassen Senior Center, Salvation Army and Phyllis Thomas/Carry Your Blanket for all you do!

You are ALL Hometown Heroes.

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