Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Memorial Day and EVERY day

I am grateful to live in a community that stands behind our Military. On Memorial Day Rotarians will be up with the roosters loading American Flags on their trailer which will be PROUDLY displayed all along Main st.! They do this on Flag Day, 4th of July, Patriots Day, Veterans Day… whenever an American Flag is called for you can count on them. We know because they stage right here at our market and it makes us smile. Every. Single. Time. Thank you Rotarians!

Then there are those unstoppable Blue Star and Gold Star Moms ensuring we have banners of all our LoCaL military sons and daughters. These banners used to be confined to Main St but our Hometown Pride was so great the Moms had to find more space! When they asked us to use our light poles we were delighted to be a part of this show of patriotism. Blue Star Moms also put together care packages for those deployed each month. Jill Atkinson of Lassen County Times told me BSM were buying all of the items from their own pockets until she pointed out how our community would love to help. Imagine if we each purchased one item on the list. Let’s do it! We love those Moms. Thanks for all you do Blue and Gold Star Moms!

But this isn’t even close to all of the examples! The Patriot Guard. American Legion. Veterans of Foreign Wars. Numerous displays at all of our cemeteries. And so many more. Thanks to all for reminding us this is the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave.

As a way of honoring YOUR Hero we invite you to bring a photo to hang on our Coca Cola Soldier Saluting display and post their story on our Susanville Supermarket Facebook or on The Green Grocerette blog. I promise to read each one. Last year Jessica Eid put this together and it was beautiful. Jessica’s Grandfather was a Master Chief in the Navy. So many of our families have a military connection to share!

We thank all of our Hometown Heroes for their service to our Country and promise to remember on Memorial Day and every day!



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