Thursday, May 11, 2017

Sweet Susanville

Written by my eldest granddaughter~

Sweet Susanville 

Waking up in the middle of nowhere, 

hearing the birds chirp, 

hearing the sweet sound of 

the mountains call me. 

Learning to ride my bike, 

learning to kayak, 

learning how to do color guard, 

all within these lonely hills. 

I remember driving to this 

one supermarket, 

learning to help 

my family set up 

the shop for the busy 

day ahead of us. 

Growing up on the

world’s best donuts, 

having a veggie delight 

sandwich everyday at noon, 

driving around to the closest 

lake and going

for an afternoon swim. 

The rest of the world not understanding that

it’s not about things we have, 

it’s about the memories we’ve made 

in the places we’ve been. 

All these memories confined

within this small town, 

like animals in a zoo

like fish in a tank. 

The point of my ode is this, 

be appreciative of the small things, 

cherish everything you

have before it is gone.


  1. I come from Silicon Valley but I've never quite fit in there. I always imagined my future husband on a tractor or in a shop making things, and waking up in a house in a place just like you've described. When this project location developed everyone turned up their noses but I jumped at the chance. I've learned a few lessons I wasn't expecting but on the other hand, no matter how bad a day at work I've had. Before I even get out of the driveway I see something beautiful and the world is alright again. The city is probably the reason I never married. Who want's a man you have to defend in a fight or fix his car for him while he tries on skinny jeans? Never be envious of living in the city, it's obvious you're not now, but as you grow. Never think you've missed out. It is the city dweller that's missing out. The thought of returning when my job is done here makes my skin crawl. Keep up with your writing. It's very good.

    1. Welcome to our community! I couldn’t agree more, I love it here. I will be sure to send your kind words to my granddaughter. Stop by Susanville Super sometime and say hi! My office is right up front~


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