Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Independence from the Kitchen

*Green Grocerette Tip of the Week~ Keep a Sharpie in the kitchen to date packages when you open them. A little trick I learned in the Deli*

Here’s my 4th of July story: One year we went to the Chester Parade with the family. Our youngest Granddaughter was riding on Papa’s shoulders, when she got down she hunched over and started to squeal like she was in pain! We were all on the ground looking to see if she was stung by a bee or….whatever, COMpletely freaked out. She bent over grabbed her legs and yelled “I CAN’T FEEL MYSELF!’ That’s right, her legs fell asleep. Hysterical. Anyway, if you’ve ever been to the parade you know that everybody wants to be up here for the 4th of July! Who can blame them? Lakes within minutes in all directions, cool mountain temps and so much outdoor fun. Kayaking, hiking, fishing, swimming, National Parks, all right here.

When you’re all done with your adventures here’s a super simple meal to top off the day~
1 Susanville SuPeR Meat Department BBQ Tri-Tip
Directions, slice and serve :)

I like to serve it with a Red, White and Blue Salad.
All ingredients in the quantity that works for you.
Strawberries, sliced
Onion, diced
Blue Cheese
Pine Nuts
Brianna’s Blush Wine Vinaigrette
Directions, toss and serve :)

I use the tri-tip leftovers the next day to make sandwiches with blue cheese, tomatoes, onion and arugula.
Have a SuPeR happy and safe 4th of July from all your friends at Susanville SuPeR!

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