Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Soap Box Derby

In community, as in life, it’s what you make it. These LoCaLs get that and are always working hard to make our sense of community stronger, more fun and just all around better. Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Patti Hagata, Past Directors Kristen Volberg, Sue Eide, Theresa Phillips, Board Members Susan Edwards (founder Main Cruise), Kerri Cobb and Kirby Lively are celebrating 25 years of Main Cruise June 23rd and 24th with a Street Dance! Slow Drags! Free midnight showing of American Graffiti! Poker Run! Car Show and Shine in Memorial Park- (Take back our Park!) And MORE! Could we be anymore Norman Rockwell? Well. Yes. By also having a SOAP BOX DERBY!

LoCaL Stu Speer was so excited to see this sanctioned event come to Susanville, he raced Soap Box in 1977. For him it was family tradition. His Uncle raced in 1938-1939 when the sport had only begun in 1934. Stu's older brother raced in '70-'71. Stu still has his original license, patch and a whole lot of great childhood memories. Back then when he ordered a kit all he received were blueprints, cable, screws and axle. There were several ways you could design your car, all the kids would talk about was racing, good thing because as Stu points out there was no Google, your info came from word of mouth. He hopes other kids have the great father/son experience he had.

I had the BeSt time talking to Kristen, Susan, and Theresa. Listening to stories of mimeographs, DOS, hand sewing and hand painting banners back in the day. These are women I admire, they are completely approachable and so kind. I appreciate their hard work and commitment to making our town a great place to visit and live.

Good luck to all the racers! Thanks to all that made this event possible! My Hometown is so stinking cool!

*Green Grocerette tip of the week~ Our Baker Richard taught me to soften refrigerated Butter only takes 9 seconds in the microwave. It works!*

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