Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Your Daily Donut Schedule

In addition to making The Best Donuts on the Planet every single day our Bakery also has a special creation for each day of the week. I had a request from our own Miss Patti-Cake to post the schedule so no one will ever miss their favorite! Great idea Patti.
  • Sunday~ Cherry Cake Donut and Cherry Fritter
  • Monday~ Devil's Food Cake Donut
  • Tuesday~ Cherry Cake Donut and Cherry Fritter
  • Wednesday~ Devil's Food Cake Donut
  • Thursday~ Blueberry Cake Donut and Blueberry Fritter
  • Friday~ Applesauce Cake Donut
  • Saturday~ Devil's Food Cake Donut
Always made fresh daily!
My personal favorite is a Cake Donut with Chocolate on Top and SpRiNkleS! Never trust anyone that doesn't like sprinkles. Or glitter. 

You're gonna want something to wash all that goodness down too.


  1. You do have the best donuts in town. I hope you always have to bag our donuts. I'm just not crazy how another store in town has them in a "help yourself" display. The idea that not everyone uses 'tongs', and I have seen the donuts get personally touched and then they change their minds. Part of the wonderful success is the CUSTOMER SERVICE you give while waiting for us to make up our minds. I can guarantee that I buy more when you bag them, than if I were to do it. Please don't change. New is good, but you can't change the awesome customer service.

    1. I agree! Susanville SuPeR has always been about our people, both staff and customers! #hometownproud #servicewithasmile
      Thank you for choosing us!


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