Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Hope's Kitchen

Some days I’m working with my head down not paying attention to my surroundings then I hear this incredibly joyous and SUPER mischievous laugh. I can’t help but smile. Hope is here. Hope the Deli SUPERvisor that is. Making people happy with her food, her humor and her caring.  

Let me tell you a little about our ray of Hope. She returned to Susanville after being away for more than a decade. Cooking is her ‘happy place, her relaxing me time”. She met her “mountain man” Jeff right here when she was working in our Bakery. As a kid she had tough circumstances and always wanted to make people like her enough to share all that like with her brother and sister. When her 11 year old son was battling Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma she shaved her head twice so he wouldn’t be bald alone, she assures me that she has a nice dome. He has been cancer free for 14 years now. Thinking of others shows in her work too. When the Deli is really busy, especially if we’re all working on a fire order, Hope will make sure everyone is hydrating, resting and getting a snack. Deli is a fast paced job and that’s just one of her favorite things about it. Her other fave is she says she gets paid to visit and make sure her customers are happy.

To Hope these ARE her golden years and Susanville SUPERmarket is an extension of her family. She’s irreverent, funny, kind, so caring and a fantastic cook! 

So when you hear that laughter, smell that DELIcious food, you know you're in Hope’s Kitchen. 

*Green Grocerette tip of the week~ Store unused avocado with the pit and it will keep longer. Thank go to my daughter Cyndi for this tip.*


  1. Sometimes...the best part of my day is seeing Hope!! You just can't be in a bad mood when you're talking to her!! And...she told me to heat up the marinated mushrooms in the microwave and top them with parmesan cheese!! So yummy!

  2. We are blessed to have her sweet smiling soul. The mushroom things sounds like a fantastic idea!

  3. Love you Esperanza šŸ’• You're a ray of sunshine!

  4. She's Special, LOuD AND HAPPY... Her VOICE AnD One Liners kill ME !! Ya just have to talk to HOPE! ,Yassssss "Miss Always Positive!


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